Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal (SIACT) uses eLearning training for air cargo terminal operations in Japan

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release December 7, 2020

Helsinki, Finland – Airport College International is excited to announce that Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (SIACT) uses Airport College’s (AC) online training services for air cargo operations in Japan.

SIACT uses air cargo eLearning training services to keep their employee’s competencies up to date. Training is available 24/7 via SIACT Training Portal hosted by Airport College. The Training Portal consists of a comprehensive selection of courses for air cargo personnel in Japanese and English.

“With our complete training service SIACT can train air cargo terminal staff efficiently and flexibly, and maintain competences required by airlines. Our online training courses comply with the training requirements of international aviation authorities, such as the IATA and ICAO,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

“Skilled and qualified employees are the most important asset to increase productivity and improve the service quality of our air cargo terminal services. At the same time, AC’s training service is cost-effective and reduces our training related costs significantly,” states SIACT Managing Director Kasahara Junichi.

About Airport College International

Airport College provides a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics in safety, security and service topics. With the training service our clients can efficiently and flexibly train their staff and maintain competences required by airlines and authorities. Airport College International is a strategic partner of IATA.

Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal

Sapporo International Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (SIACT) provides fine-tuned air freight services while taking advantage of the ideal conditions of the New Chitose Airport. Services include international air cargo handling, loading, storage and transportation.

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